Latest Petco Grooming Prices Updated Guide 2024

Pet lovers are always searching for the best pet groomer for their furry pals, and with thrilling Petco Grooming Prices, it has become much easier. Petco is a go-to spot with its wide array of pet products and services. If you are looking for pet grooming near me or need dog grooming services, a spa for your pet, nail trim and buffing or ear cleaning, you can get this and much more with Petco Discount Code

In this article, we’ve got the latest scoop on Petco grooming in 2024. Let’s explore!

Understanding Petco Grooming Services

With Petco Grooming Prices making raves across the U.S., they have over 1,500 stores across the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Petco is all about making life better for pets, their owners, and even their own Petco team. They’re not just about brick and mortar, you can get into a world of pet health and wellness on their website and app too. 

And here’s the best part – they’ve got over 100 in-store vet hospitals. When it comes to your furball, they kick things off with a 7-Point Pet Care Check, making sure everything is A-OK and nothing seems off for your precious pet. 

The groomer at Petco is certified and you can even avail yourself of a self-service dog wash for $20 where you will be provided with all the grooming supplies.

Petco Bath and Haircuts

The full-service bath for dogs includes gentle shampoo, blow-dry, ear cleaning, gland expression, 15-minute brush-out, scented spritz and nail trim. While the full-service bath and haircut for dogs is a more comprehensive process involving cut and style.

There are also full-service cat packages that allow pet parents to have their cats groomed by a cat stylist at Petco.

Personalized Package Upgrades at Petco

The personalized package is a great facility for Pet Grooming Prices as it provides an array of services for a meagre amount such as sooth and repair packages for dry skin. Starting at $26, your pet can have an oatmeal bath.

Flea Cleanse Package

This $23 flea cleansing is the best offer for dogs with fleas as they receive medicated treatment.

Shed Release Package

This package starts at $20 and allows your dog a FURminator loose undercoat removal and complete brush out.

Aren’t these services worth availing of?

How Much Do Most Dog Groomers Charge?

Basic dog grooming prices can range from $30 to $90 for each appointment, and it includes bathing, brushing, ear cleaning, and nail cutting. However, this price may differ, based on the previously listed variables, including where you live and the type and size of your dog.

You can even tip a dog groomer as you will, but typical tips are between 15-20% of the total bill. You can pay the time as you receive your invoice at the end of the appointment.

Why are Dog Groomers so Expensive?

Let’s talk money when it comes to Petco Grooming Prices. So, a basic bath is in the mix, covering a wash, blow-dry, ear cleaning, and nail trim. For smaller pooches, the starting price is around $15 with the Wash and Go service. But, if you’ve got a bigger furry friend, be prepared to shell out $25 or maybe a bit more.

Petco Sales and Offers

Discovering the perfect food, toy, or accessory for your furry friend is an absolute delight. And guess what? Petco’s got your back with a fantastic array of pet goodies online, all at discounted prices. It’s the perfect opportunity to get everything your pets crave without spending too much.

Does Petco Offer Discounts on Dog Grooming?

Petco’s discounted items are a savvy way to treat your pet to a variety of goodies without splurging. Plus, you can seize the moment with sales on favourite products that might be phased out. Petco hooks you up with discounts on grooming services.

Pals Rewards Program

When you book through the Petco app or online, you can save up to 15%. Plus, join the Pals Rewards program for exclusive discounts and perks on grooming services and other in-store buys.

You can also rack up points with every purchase through the loyalty program and cash them in for grooming service discounts. Keep an eye out for Petco’s time-limited and seasonal promos, and swing by often to get your hands on the hottest deals. Your pup and your wallet will thank you.

Petco Grooming Club

Customers can save up to 30% on all dog grooming services by enrolling in the Petco Grooming Club for even greater savings.

Pawsome Pass

Petco’s got something cool for pet parents – the “Pawsome Pass.” It’s a monthly ticket to savings on grooming services, covering both basic and full-service packages. You can grab it as an annual subscription or go for a one-time use. 

With the Pawsome Pass, you could save up to 25% on your furry friend’s pampering every single month. Now that’s a treat for both you and your pet! However, Petco Grooming Prices are always mentioned and the factors influencing the charges are also mentioned on their website.

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To sum it up, Petco Grooming Prices can differ based on different factors, but a lot of pet owners still prefer them. Offering a variety of services and a commitment to the health and happiness of pets, Petco stands out as a top choice for pet grooming services in 2024.