A Guide on How to Check Your Michaels Gift Card Balance

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How to Check Michael’s Gift Card Balance?

If you are curious about How to Check Michael’s Gift Card Balance, you can easily check it online by entering your card number and PIN on their website. For a personal touch, ask any Michaels employee in-store to swipe your card and share your remaining balance. 

If you prefer a call, give Michael’s customer service a call, follow the prompts, and provide your card number and PIN for a quick balance update. All three options are simple, letting you know how much you have for your arts and crafts shopping. However, there are other options too that let you check your Michaels gift card balance in no time. Let’s see how!

Online Balance Check

For your Michaels Gift Card Balance Check, grab your card, find the number and PIN on the back or in the email for eGift cards. Then visit Michaels’ gift card balance page. Pop in your Michaels Gift Card Number and PIN, and voila – your balance shows up on the screen in a second.

Instore Balance Check

When you’re at Michaels, simply ask a friendly employee to swipe your gift card and give you the lowdown on your remaining balance. It’s a handy option if you’re already browsing the aisles and curious about how much you’ve got left to splurge on your arts and crafts haul.

Phone Balance Check

If you are wondering How to Check Michael’s Gift Card Balance by phone, give Michael a ring at 1-800-MICHAELS (1-800-642-4235) to check your gift card balance. Follow the prompts, share your card number and PIN, and they’ll tell you about your balance over the phone. It’s as simple as that!

Checking Balance Through Michael App

Download the Michaels app from Google Play or the App Store to easily check your balance on your mobile device. Once in the app, tap on “Gift Cards,” then enter your PIN and gift card number. Your transaction history and current balance are right there for you to see.

Using Michaels Coupons and Promo Codes

Now that you know How to Check Michael’s Gift Card Balance, consider putting it to good use on your next buy. Before you hit purchase, why not try a Michaels coupon and promo codes? Get a percentage off on regular-priced items, enjoy free shipping, or grab other cool special offers.

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Explore Michaels’ coupons page for the latest deals and promo codes. Browse by category, from art supplies to floral, frames, and beyond.

How Else Can I Save with Michael’s Promo Codes?

You can always explore coupon sites like SlashMyPrice for Michaels discounts. They often have exclusive deals not on Michaels’ site and are one of the biggest coupon websites dealing in major retailers’ promo codes. If you are looking for discount codes for Michaels or any other big names, our website is your go-to spot to find coupons for anywhere from beauty, electronics, apparel, baby products, gadgets etc.

Found a code? Now you can apply it at checkout in the promo code box. Click ‘apply,’ and watch your savings light up in your total.

How Do I Activate my Michaels Gift Card?

To get your Michaels gift card up and running, here’s the lowdown:

  • For a physical card, find the URL or phone number on it, or the sticker. E-gift card? Check your email for the activation code.
  • Hit up the URL or dial the number, punch in your card details and activation code if needed and follow the steps to activate.
  • Don’t forget, you can also safeguard your card by registering it online or via phone to steer clear of any loss or theft hassles.

Fees and Expiration Date of Michaels Gift Card

The good news is: that Michaels gift cards don’t play the expiration game, unlike most. They’re like the gift that keeps on giving, with no expiry date to worry about.

However, in-store Michaels gift cards might pull the expiry card after a year. But you need not worry and hit up customer support if you need a fresh card after the old one takes an early retirement.

Where Can I use my Michael Gift Card?

Your Michaels gift card is versatile as you can shop at any U.S. Michaels store or on www.michaels.com. It’s not just for items, you can grab online classes, digital downloads, or custom framing services too. You just have to punch your PIN and gift card number during checkout or simply show your e-gift card to the cashier when shopping in-store.


By now you must know well How to Check Michael’s Gift Card Balance and other details about saving big at Michaels. You can always look for trending deals and offers on Michael’s official website, on social media pages or our coupon website. Checking your Michaels gift card balance is a piece of cake.

Do it online, make a quick call, or drop by in person. It’s all about ease and speed. Stay savvy by monitoring your balance, making the most of that gift card, and planning your buys accordingly.