Discover Key Information About The Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card with These 5 Important Facts

If you are a sports fanatic then you must not miss out on Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card and avail the opportunity to earn 2 points per $1 for qualified in-store and online purchases at Dick’s brands. Dick’s Sporting Goods, with stores across the country and headquartered in Pittsburgh, is your go-to for top-notch sports gear. Offering a wide range of quality athletic clothes, accessories, footwear, and equipment, they’ve got what you need to keep you coming back for more.

Love saving money and earning rewards? The DicksSportingGoods Online Code is your key to saving more on sports gear. Use it at checkout for a discount and you can obtain it on the website, app, or in your email.

Read on to discover five key facts about credit cards and online codes, to help you uplift your shopping experience. Whether it’s a new credit card, loyalty perks, or a handy coupon, find useful insights and tips here.

How to Apply for The Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card?

If you are searching to get a Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card, just ensure you’re 18 or older, have a U.S. address, and a Social Security Number. Then, pick your card type: ScoreCard for loyalty points and rewards, ScoreRewards Credit Card, or ScoreRewards Mastercard. ScoreCard lets you earn perks for your purchases at Dicks Sporting Goods and affiliates.

Get more perks with the ScoreRewards Credit Card, giving you exclusive discounts and financing options, just like ScoreCard. Or opt for the ScoreRewards Mastercard, enjoying the same benefits and the flexibility to use it wherever Mastercard is accepted. If you are ready to apply, either fill out the online form or swing by a nearby store, sharing your personal, financial, and employment info while agreeing to the credit card’s terms and conditions.

What are The Benefits of Getting Dicks Credit Card?

You can unlock perks with the Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card, earn and redeem rewards at Dicks Sporting Goods and affiliates. Depending on your card, earn 1, 2, or 3 points per dollar, with a $10 reward for every 300 points. Plus, get exclusive deals like 10% off your first purchase, 15% off in-store, and free online shipping with your ScoreRewards Credit Card.

You can even take advantage of DicksSportingGoods Rewards Program to earn points and rewards for every purchase you make at Dick’s Sporting Goods and its associates. Also, with Dick’s Sporting Goods Mastercard, you can use it just like any other ScoreRewards Or Credit Card wherever Mastercards are accepted in the world.

How To Make a Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card Payment Online?

If you still haven’t registered, go to Dick’s Sporting Goods login page and set up your account by clicking “Register” in the “Access Your Account” box. Enter your account number and ZIP code, hit “Continue,” and follow the on-screen instructions. Once registered, use your chosen user ID and password for account access.

For payments, select your preferred method and follow the instructions. Provide your banking details, including your account and routing number, to complete the payment process.

You can also make your payment as a guest. You can click the “pay as guest” option on the official Dick’s Sporting Goods webpage. 

Enter your credit card details and hit ‘continue’ while adhering to the instructions.

Dick’s Gold Card

Keep your Gold Status by using your credit card for Dick’s purchases annually, either in-store or online.

Enjoy perks like exclusive discounts, a triple points day, and a yearly $10 award with Gold status. Without the credit card, spend $500 annually on qualifying shop purchases to reach Gold status.

Special Financing Options

You can get exclusive financing (12-24 months) based on your spending with these store cards. No interest if you clear the balance before the promo period ends, but missing the deadline can cost you. Known as “special financing,” it suspends interest charges during the promotional period.

If you haven’t fully paid off your purchase by the offer expiration, you’ll be charged interest at the card’s regular rate from the purchase date. Keep an eye on those timelines to avoid unexpected charges.

Introductory Offers

The Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card lets you have an upfront bonus on opening a new card. You will get a $40 reward the day you use your card as per the terms stated in September 2023.

Get Rewards by Moving Your Body

Besides discount codes and many other reward programs, Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card ScoreCard loyalty program lets you earn points through the MOVE tracking function run by the app. You get to earn 3 points each day on fulfilling any fitness goal.

All in all, there are two types of Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Cards, and both earn points in the free ScoreCard loyalty program. For every dollar spent, ScoreCard members get one point, but ScoreRewards credit card holders get extra points.

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If you’re thinking about the credit card, head to the website or your nearby store for more info. Cardholders can get online codes and discounts too, so don’t miss out! Apply for or use the Dick’s Sporting Goods Card today and amp up your shopping perks.

The Dicks Sporting Goods Cards are your money-saving buddies for purchases at Dick’s Sporting Goods and its affiliates. They’re all about discounts and rewards so apply today!